Nearly Native Fitness: Studio Novo

One any given night in Nashville you’ll find natives invading the ever-expanding bar and restaurant scene across the city. We like to eat. We like a stiff drink. That’s pretty obvious. However if you see past the average Nashvillian’s gluttony-loving facade you’ll also find that many embrace an active and healthy lifestyle to counteract all of that southern cooking and BBQ they consume. Not only are juice bars and health-centric restaurants sprouting up all over town, but Nashvillians enjoy a vast and diverse number of fitness options.

The buzz worthy Pilates studio, Studio Novo, situated in West Nashville opened its doors in July 2013 and introduced Nashvillians to the Lagree technique. This Pilates technique emphasizes the use of a machine called the Megaformer. For those of us used to handling a yoga mat and/or free weights, at first glance this machine looks like a medieval torcher device. Don’t let this intimidate you! If you’re up for the challenge of a new and different workout, Studio Novo’s instructors are well-versed in all things Megaformer and understand that newbies on the machine are like babies taking their first steps. They’ll show you the ropes if you arrive 10 to 15 minutes before class and they’ll do their very best to learn about you as an individual, meaning that they’ll try to know your name during class to aid in alignment adjustments and to shot words of encouragement your way.

Having taken classes from several of the instructors, it should be noted that each has their own style of teaching and some might be considered more challenging than others. The classes administered by owners and Lagree experts, Anna and Santi Tefel, are likely to make your arms and legs quiver and your brow sweat a bit more intensely than some of the others. However, don’t be fooled! No class is easy even if you have been a yogi or barre fiend for years.

If you want to switch up your workout and tone muscle groups that have been dormant since you started training for that half marathon (Rock N’ Roll Half? If you’re nearly a native Nashvillian you already know about this one!) then this workout is for you. With challenging and friendly instructors, an encouraging class environment, and upbeat dance music jams cheering you on the Megaformer won’t look so scary by the time you finish your first class.

Location: 99 White Bridge Road, Suite 202 Nashville, TN 37205 (Up the stairs above Subway!)

What to Wear: Gym clothes, preferably a bit tighter than normal due to the twists and turns that you may experience on the Megaformer; Grip socks (they have these in stock if you don’t have any)

FIT TIP: Bring a friend! It’s always easier to try new things when you have a buddy with you!

Studio Novo

For more information, go to the “Explore Like a Native” page!



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