Nearly Native Drinks: M. L. Rose

It’s another typical workday afternoon and despite being buried up to your neck in work, you’re restless in your cubicle. You’re going out with your Nashvillian friends that night for a casual drink and to commiserate about your day-job woes. A burger and a beer sounds like it’ll hit just the right spot to help you briefly forget about the days standing between you and the weekend. So where do you go to satisfy your craving?

“Let’s go to Melrose!”

“Do you mean THE Melrose or Melrose?”

“Wait, Melrose or M.L. Rose?”

If this isn’t your friends’ first social rodeo when it comes to the Nashville “burgers & beer” scene, then this conversation may sound familiar to you. Formerly named “The Melrose”, M.L. Rose Craft Beer & Burgers opened its rebranded doors to the burger and beer-loving masses in the spring of 2012 in the Berry Hill neighborhood of Nashville. Offering up an extensive list of year-round and seasonal craft beers, hand-crafted burgers, and waffle fries of epic proportions, M.L. Rose attracted so many patrons that they opened up a second location in West Nashville in addition to their rebrand.

With a menu chock-full of “bar food”, the burger joint is categorized by locals as a sports bar, perfect for the post-intramural game beer or a Sunday night football game. If you’re looking for a salad or food of the lighter fare, M.L. Rose will likely not be at the top of your list. However, if you’re looking for a nachos stacked high with toppings or fancy a juicy burger with a name like “Angry Dragon” (with avocado, Willow Farms egg, sriracha hot sauce) or “The Night Owl” (with smoked tomato jam, stout braised onions, natural uncured bacon, Kenny’s Cheddar) then M.L. Rose should be the obvious choice.

Walk in after a workout or stop by after a work function, no matter what your attire you’ll feel right at home at M.L. Rose. There are various specials throughout the week to take advantage of and the two locations’ specials vary, so if you miss the West Nashville locations 2-for-1 Burgers and Trivia on Mondays, then stop by the Berry Hill/Franklin Pike location Tuesday for Trivia or Thursday for 2-for-1 wells until 10pm & $5 and under beer. Both locations also provide cozy biergarden/patio space with various bar-related games. The Franklin Pike/Berry Hill location is conveniently situated near the current location of the Nashville Sounds stadium, perfect for that pre- or post- game burger craving. It’s the ideal option for the Nashvillian looking for a relaxed and casual night with friends at a bargain price.

If you’re not quite ready to conquer the three days left in your work week try taking your mind off things at your friendly (amazingly-delicious) neighborhood sports bar, M.L. Rose!

ML Rose

Abita Strawberry, Not Pictured: Delicious and quickly consumed Super BLT with Waffle Fries

Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native OR Drink Like a Native page!




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