Nearly Native Jams: Exit/In

Nashvillians are never at a loss for live demonstrations of musical talents. There are more musicians per square mile in Nashville than there are Starbucks in Manhattan. So how does one city brimming with musically inclined inhabitants display their skills that are practically spilling over the Cumberland River? With a surplus of epic music venues of course! We (nearly) natives are spoiled with quality live music opportunities on a daily basis in venues across the city operated by sound magicians that work to perfect (or come very close to) the acoustic experience to ensure that every show is music to our judging ears. After all, it’s likely that a number of those in the audience at any given show are also musicians, absorbing every detail.

A venue that stands out as one frequented by locals is Exit/In, a Nashville establishment that’s been showcasing artists for over four decades. It’s evident that this place has seen a lot of action based on the shear number of major artist names arranged on the facade of the building viewable by patrons as they eagerly wait in line to see their favorite acts. It’s no-frills, classically grungy and dim appearance is part of its appeal, so upon your first visit don’t hesitate to embrace the venue’s simplicity. It makes it’s purpose clear: to present excellent live music from local and national artists to the masses. Of course you can grab a drink from the weathered wooden bar as you pursue your front-row spot, but be ready to protect it as the flimsy plastic cup does not prevent you from spilling half of it down your arm as you battle the crowd. But this venue isn’t about being comfortable or having a fancy drink. The wall above the bar makes it clear that this venue is all about the music.

Of course, this is just one of many revered venues that Nashvillians can enjoy and at times the sound can be noticeably unbalanced until the Exit/In acoustic masters can adjust to the artist. It seems that the structure (high ceilings) and layout of the building prove challenging when trying to highlight the artist’s voice over the supporting background. However, this might be considered a musician’s observation and not regularly noticed by the general crowd. Regardless, Exit/In is an icon in the Nashville music scene and should be on your roster to regularly check for upcoming shows. They’re almost always a part of this (nearly) native Nashvillian’s highlighted local events! If over 40 years of music venue experience demonstrates one thing it’s that this venue has staying power and clearly has repeat customers so make your next concert an Exit/In concert, you’ll be glad you did!


 Check out their website on the Jam Like A Native page!


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