Nearly Native Explores: Percy Warner Park

The wonderful thing about Middle Tennessee is that its just far enough south to have a shorter-than-average winter (with the exception of this year), yet still boast a glimpse at all four seasons for its inhabitants to enjoy. The milder temperatures allow Nashvillians to take advantage of a diverse number of outdoor activities more frequently than any state north of the Mason-Dixon line. As an ex-Chicagoan, this (nearly) native can say that 50 degrees for a New Years Day hike in a nearby state park is well worth sacrificing big city living for Nashville’s smaller scale lifestyle. The beauty of Nashville’s location it’s conveniently situated amongst the rolling hills of Tennessee and a quick 20 minute drive out of town presents a number of recreational options. One frequented by many locals is Percy Warner Park.

Taking advantage of the mild Nashville weather seems to be a top priority for most locals, especially those who’ve relocated to the mid-south from the polar north. Google “places to hike in Nashville”. You can’t Google something like that in Chicago. The closest thing to a hike in Chicago is walking from one end of the Magnificent Mile to the other, but as wonderful as that can be, it’s no clean and serene state park. Luckily your Google search will bring you to a number of options that can quickly transport you from urban city living to a back-woodsy paradise.


Established in 1927 and named to it’s donor, Percie Warner Lea, Percy Warner is a member of The Warner Parks, situated conveniently within Nashville’s city limits, about 9 miles from downtown. On any given day throughout most of the year, many Nashvillians flock to its hiking and horse trails, paved pathways, golf course, nature center, and lawns to partake in recreational activities and soak up some Vitamin D. Whether you’re training for your next big race, looking to get active outside your regular gym routine, or simply want to walk your dog somewhere other than that same patch of grass outside of your house, Percy Warner plays host to all shapes and sizes of Nashvillian residents. During the summertime the park even offers a day camp to promote outdoor activity and environmental education for children! Click here to check it out.

Needless to say it’s difficult to find any downside to Percy Warner, unless you prefer living indoors and never seeing the light of day. So the next time you’re sitting around on a gorgeous day watching another season of Breaking Bad, take a chance and embrace what Middle Tennessee’s landscape has to offer at Percy Warner. Bring a friend, bring your bike, bring your dog, just get outside. Besides, you’ve got to find some way to work off all of that patio drinking you’re doing!



For more information, go to the “Explore Like a Native” page!


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