Nearly Native Drinks: No. 308

If you’ve lived in Nashville for a time, have (nearly) native Nashvillian friends, or have googled the “Judgmental Map of Nashville” then you’re likely aware of the stereotypes of each prominent neighborhood in town. Like any other decently-sized city, Nashville can be categorized by the diverse styles and subcultures that its inhabitants embrace. Naturally, those with similar tastes flock to the same specific parts of town and create the very stereotypes that we all joke about when describing our beloved city. Some popular stereotypes include: Midtown = preppy well-to-dos and college kids, Antioch = Mexico, The Gulch = Rich workaholics and new well-off Nashville transplants, Green Hills = Rich Families… rich everything, Germantown = Gentrification and young professionals, and East Nashville = Hipsters and well, hipsters.  Each neighborhood has it’s own unique food, drink, and entertainment highlights and one of East Nashville’s is the hipster-chique bar, Bar No. 308.

The “hipster” stereotype is distinct in its on-trend style and progressive mantra and, as a staple on the Nashville bar scene, 308 can certainly be considered a true manifestation of all things East Nashville. Since 2010, the bar has been serving up eclectic cocktails and bar food that sticks to your ribs in the dimly-lit, yet stylishly decorated location on Gallatin Avenue, just off the heart of 5 Points. It’s clear that this East Nashville institution has earned its place among the trendiest bars in the city.

When you decide to make 308 your destination on an upcoming night out, step through the light cloud of smoke hovering over the usually crowded outdoor patio to reach the sliding doors. The bar’s open layout provides room for bar-goers to create a small dance floor in the midst of intimate booths and general seating lining the walls. The no-frills bar is slightly elevated from the floor, providing patrons in bar seats room to breathe from the standing crowd. You’re pretty much guaranteed either a DJ/Dance set or a classic movie playing on the back wall of the bar, as well as a diverse, yet generally stylish “hipster” crowd.  There are nights that 308 seems to live and breath confident stylistic individuality, making it a great place to people watch.

Aside from the overall “cool factor” that 308 exudes, their drinks are just plan impressive. If sampling unique cocktails is a weekend ritual of yours then this place should be at the top of your list. Some of this (nearly) native’s favorites include the Monkey’s Paw, the Brooklynite, and a new summer edition called Banner’s Rage. 308 even uses their own style of cocktail creation by pumping air into plastic bottles that are used to mix the drinks which proves to be entertaining itself (it’s the little things, right?). Other than their regularly lively nights (check them out on Mondays), the bar regularly plays host to a number of events. So go ahead and take these three next steps: Subscribe to Bar No. 308 on Facebook, find out when their big event is, and prepare your trendiest frock because 308 is a bar worthy of your attention and your tastebuds.

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Check out their website on the Drink Like a Native page!


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