Nearly Native Eats: Rosepepper

As it’s famously been said, “Nashville is a drinking town with a music problem”, and the battle for the best Margarita in town is a fierce one. If you ask a (nearly) native Nashvillian who has the best marg in town, you might be hard pressed to find a general consensus in favor of one particular restaurant. On Nolensville Pike alone there are a number of authentic Mexican restaurants serving up goblet-sized frozen tequila goodness. The common thread you can find among most commentary related to the Margarita battle is that many Nashvillian Mexican and TexMex restaurants have one or the other: delicious food OR an epic margarita. It’s difficult to find affordable and appetizing food PLUS the perfect (non-premixed Jose Cuervo-infused) marg. However you’re in luck, there is one restaurant among few in Nashville that serves up just the right combination of flavorful Mexican entrees and tequila-heavy handmade Margaritas. It’s name? Rosepepper Cantina.

This long-time East Nashville resident has been serving up pitchers of some of the best Margaritas around since 2001. Built to house the Mexican food-loving masses the building showcases a large all-seasons patio, and is decked out in eclectic décor that transports patrons from urban life to a restaurant you might find along Route 66 somewhere between Texas and Arizona. It’s the kind of spot where you can feel comfortable to come as you are: whether that be in a group or on a date, dressed up or down. It’s perfect for a nighttime pre-game or a Sunday Funday. Okay so maybe this place sounds too good to be true, its pretty awesome, but keep in mind that this is Mexican food so you’re not getting a “light salad” and it’s likely going to coat your stomach in cheese. And if you’re not a big fan of margaritas they have beer and wine, but let’s be honest, Nashvillians haven’t kept this place running because of the selection on draft. It’s all about the tequila! Rosepepper even dedicates a large portion of real estate on their website to fully express their love of bringing only the finest and the best tequilas to Nashville.

With a vast and diverse menu of classically-Americanized Mexican menu options, Rosepepper appeals to the carnivore and vegetarian alike with hefty helpings served on plates that nearly cover the table when they arrive. If at all possible, start by ordering your margarita pitcher from the bar as you can watch the bartenders at work as they masterfully create the source of the buzz in your near future. And if you plan to fill up on chips and salsa alone, keep in mind that only the first basket is free! The avocado fries are the bomb and just go ahead and pass on the skinny margarita. It doesn’t come in a pitcher and I’m convinced the reason it’s skinny its because it’s served in a martini glass, so be shear volume it’s less calories. You’re at Rosepepper for the margarita, so commit to the cause. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a nice afternoon on a patio, entertain a date, or simply enjoy splitting a pitcher full of booze with friends, Rosepepper can satisfy your every Mexican food craving, leaving you buzzed and possibly in a happy food coma.

NOTE: Happy Hour is from 4 to 7pm Monday through Friday!

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Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native or Drink Like a Native pages!


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