Nearly Native Explores: Sky High Nashville

Recall a time when you experienced the nostalgic feeling that transported you back to your childhood: The smell of chlorine in your hair after a full summer’s day in the pool, the sound of a school bell celebrating the end of another school day, the taste of the ice cream man’s patriotic Bombpop leaving your tongue a bright shade of blue. Throughout adulthood, we find ourselves seeking out ways to relive the pure euphoria of the days before our workdays, bills, and kids consumed our lives. The trampoline is a device cleverly invented by adults that acts as a babysitter and theme park in one to distract and entertain children for hours on end. It’s safe to say that most of us share an affection for our childhood well spent defying gravity and performing our acrobatic skills. There’s a place in Nashville where adults and children alike can escape from the stress of everyday life and feel unadulterated bliss surrounded by the very contraptions that we all pretend to be Olympic gymnasts on. It’s called Sky High Sports Nashville.

Located on Harding Pike near Nashville’s airport, Sky High is a trampoline playground for all to enjoy. When I say “playground” not only are the floors littered with trampolines, but the walls are too. Situated like life-sized tic-tac-toe boards, patrons can jump from one trampoline to the next, leading an acrobatic climax, throwing themselves against the trampoline walls to ricochet back to the floor. The trampoline rooms are multipurpose, used for general jumping, Airobics classes, Dodgeball leagues, fundraisers and private parties. That’s not all Sky High has to offer however. The foam pit with rope swing adds another attraction to entertain trampoline lovers. With a mere $14 hourly rate (with offers to add another hour at a discounted rate), Sky High provides the perfect dose of nostalgia for Nashvillians.

Trampolines are a pastime for many of us as evidenced by simply standing in Sky High’s main gymnasium where you can hear the giggles of children and see the light in the eyes of the adults as the entire room seems to lift with the jumpers. In a place where stress is not word heard and backflips and seatdrops are a must, Nashvillians of all walks and ages are free to relive the days when bikes were the main mode of transportation and work involved earning enough allowance to buy a Choco Taco and the public pool. Sky High is the perfect place to have a little fun with friends or entertain the kids while you attempt to keep up with them, remembering when you didn’t get winded from one attempt at the splits. Next time you’re in the mood for something a little different, and yet eerily reminiscent of your younger years, head to Sky High Sports Nashville and get your jump on!

photo (20)Click HERE to view the Explore Like a Native page and Sky High’s website!


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