Nearly Native Drinks: Juice Bar

You’re feeling fatigued, dehydrated, and you have an overwhelming urge to order a quarter-pounder with french fries and veg-out on the couch for the next 12 hours. This, my friends, is a hangover. As fun as it can be to go out on the town with your closest (nearly native) Nashvillian cohorts and meet new people, that bushwhacker you ordered will stick with you much longer than your drunken euphoric state. A social norm in our culture is to beat our bodies with toxins and sleepless nights, and sometimes our bodies just can’t fight back.

One of the latest and greatest foodie-crazes recognizes our need to detoxify and cleanse (and maybe slim down a bit while we’re at it). That booty isn’t thanking you now for ordering that pizza at 3am. This craze is famously called “juicing” or “juice-cleansing”: drinking only juice pumped with super greens, herbs, spices and fruit for days and nothing else. The practice of juicing is all the rage, held in high esteem by dieters and those that believe in detoxification. It’s popularity has grown so exponentially in recent years that juice bars, the fast food joints of juice, have been popping up in several major cities across the country. Nashville counts itself among these cities as one of the juice bars that brings convenient juice to the people is called Juice Bar.

As Nashville continues to progress and grow, it has acquired a natural ability to attract trendy and convenient businesses. The owners of Juice Bar must have recognized the growing demand and popularity if the juicing craze and quickly jumped on the opportunity to bring juice to the people of Brentwood in 2013. Since it’s doors opened, Juice Bar has become a healthy meal option staple for those working and living in the Nashville suburb. Not only does the menu showcase a number of diverse juices and supports a juice cleanse, it also has smoothies, powershots (wheatgrass, ginger, etc.), essential oils, and actual solid food! Yes, it even has “real” food for you non-juicers like quinoa salad, spring rolls, fruits, and other snacks. In the Brentwood location the juice is made right in front of patrons and the food is freshly prepared. This is not McDonald’s people, you won’t see French fries here!

Juice Bar has seen such success that they’ve partnered with others to open locations in Huntsville, Alabama, Franklin, and soon-to-come in Berry Hill (closest to downtown Nashville). If you’re ready to take on juicing to cleanse your body (and maybe lose a few pounders for you dieters!) then Juice Bar allows you to choose between 2 packages and supports you through your cleanse. In fact, they allow you to go one day at a time, you’re not forced into 3 days of cleansing automatically! However, you don’t have to go on a juice cleanse to fall in love with Juice Bar. It’s meant to provide a healthy meal alternative for those of you looking for a little extra boost of nutrients. So the next time a late night out comes back to bite you, instead of venturing off the couch to satisfy your deep-fried hangover craving try Juice Bar to give you the healthy boost that your body needs. Processed with Moldiv

Check out their website on the Drink Like a Native page!


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