Nearly Native Explores: Shakti Power Yoga

In recent years the practice of yoga has bridged the generational gap, sky rocketing in popularity among both men and women. No longer just associated specifically with a “guru” or seen as a solution for the elderly to get active, yoga has broken into mainstream wellness routines. Yoga studios are not just flooding the streets of New York City and San Francisco, they’re popping up across the country in small towns and communities. Nashville, on its upward swing towards one of the most buzzed-about cities in the US, has most certainly not gone without catching the yoga bug. The number of studios opening across the metropolitan area has grown exponentially with the fitness trend’s rise to fame. Each studio offers a unique array of classes, in heated and unheated rooms, for Nashvillians to test out and discover the perfect fit. One such studio offers a style of yoga made for those that just can’t sit still in a Bikram class and prefer constant movement, or Power Yoga. It’s name is Shakti Power Yoga.

Conveniently located on Nashville’s Music Row, Shakti Power Yoga open it’s doors to Power Yoga-loving Nashvillians in late 2012 and has been amassing a following ever since. Standing amongst the recording studios for which Nashville has built it’s industry reputation on, what appears as an old Victorian house has been transformed inside by co-owners and sisters Kelly and Lauren Farina into a yoga oasis. What was once the foyer is now a reception area with yogi retail and reinforcing yogi words of wisdom and community. The living room has morphed into a heated studio lined with large windows and a fireplace that is consistently packed with students, new and experienced. Classes (varying in price, running from drop-ins to yearly memberships) have become so heavily attended that Shakti has even opened an upstairs studio on the second floor of the house and expanded the schedule to accommodate!

With classes running from well before sunrise to well after sunset, Shakti’s teachers offer a variety of classes in style and length, from “Power Hour” to “Prana Vinyasa” to “Shakti Power Flow” and more. The studio has a plethora of options for classes full of movement for beginner and advanced students, but is not designed for the Bikram lover who craves stationary meditation. If you’re in the market for a studio specifically focused on the Bikram style of yoga you’ll want to try elsewhere. But don’t shy away for giving Shakti a try even if Bikram is the style you’ve become accustomed to.

Shakti offers the perfect combination of breath-to-movement cardio with stretching and internal reflection. And without mirrors to stare into throughout class, students focus on their energy and that of fellow students rather than fussing with their shirts in their reflection. What truly sets Shakti apart? The overwhelming sense of acceptance, knowledge, and openness of the staff and students that inhabit this Music Row yogi dwelling encourages any newbie to keep coming back for more. If you haven’t already done so, take a chance on yoga to switch up your workout routine or cross train. Those at Shakti Power Yoga may help you find that you’re more of a yogi than you’ve ever realized.


TIP: There are showers, changing rooms, and cubby holes available for student use!

Don’t have a yoga mat? You can rent one!

Check out their website on the “Explore Like a Native” page!


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