Nearly Native Explores: Title Boxing Club

Have you ever wanted to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”? Ever had a day so frustrating you just want to punch something… anything! A word of advice: Try to avoid humans if you’re at this point. Maybe you just thrive in a high intensity workout environment, with music blaring and an instructor that has impossible amounts of energy to keep you moving. If you’re any of these things then perhaps boxing is just the thing for you. However, you’re average workout facility doesn’t just have a massive hanging bag at your disposal to go all Mike Tyson on. So where could you possibly go to get your fix? Nashvillians now have the perfect outlet to perfect their right hooks in a safe and energetic environment. It’s called Title Boxing Club.

The boxing workout trend has grown exponentially in recent years, as people generally seem to be more concerned with their health, dieting and seeking ways to switch up their typical workout routine. Title Boxing Club has recognized the trend and is bringing boxing to the people by creating classes for cardio-filled boxing and kickboxing. The classes are for those who enjoy the high intensity group workout environment. If you get nostalgic for your high school sporting days filled with competition and high contact then you should absolutely give Title Boxing Club a try. If you prefer a brisk walk in the park or Bikram yoga class for your activity, then boxing may not be what you’re looking for, but you never know! Punching a big bag and picturing that person who cut you off on the highway or always takes the last clean fork in the company kitchen might be the best form of therapy you’ve every encountered.

If you’re seriously interested in giving Title Boxing Club a try, they have the option to sign up for a free class! You can get a taste for the class environment before you commit to a membership at the club. Although patrons cannot purchase on a class by class basis, a month to month option is available if your gun-shy on pulling the trigger on a full year of classes. Bring water and a towel with you as you’ll likely sweat and trying to wipe your face with a boxing glove isn’t cute or functional. Go ahead and buy the hand wraps too. Instructors will show you how to wear them and they fit underneath your gloves providing additional protection for your knuckles while you’re taking your swings at the bag. Like any fitness class, you’ll get out of it what you put into it, so the harder you work the better you’ll feel! Title has two locations in the Nashville area, one on Church Street and one in Cool Springs. You never know, this may end up being the perfect option for switching up your workouts. So embrace your inner Rocky and give a class a try!

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Check out their website on the “Explore Like a Native” page!



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