Nearly Native Drinks: Frothy Monkey

Coffee has been a dietary staple of humankind for centuries. Spanning ages and surpassing fleeting fads, the caffeinated (or decaf!) drink we’ve all come to adore and habitually consume isn’t going anywhere. We’re addicted. And in recent decades, coffee has transformed from “black with cream” to decadent lattes and frappes. It’s not just a morning routine anymore, rather a destination incorporated into a day’s activities. Fortunately for the (nearly) natives, Nashville has been swept up in this trend of artisan coffee and local shops are even giving Starbucks a run for its money. One such local establishment has become a staple in the Nashville caffeine fix, and its name is Frothy Monkey.

If you’ve lived in Nashville for more than a few weeks, heck, if you don’t live here but have visited before, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Frothy Monkey. Flocked to by the coffehouse-loving masses and made famous by the likes of Taylor Swift, Frothy Monkey is part of the elite in thoroughly original Nashville eateries. Opening it’s first location as one of the founding business in the 12 South neighborhood in 2004, Frothy’s welcoming atmosphere and delicious menu quickly drew patrons in and kept them coming back for more. Today, the coffeehouse’s success is reflected in its three additional locations: 8th Avenue (Grimey’s), Franklin, and the newest on The Avenue of the Arts in Nashville. Needless to say, Frothy’s recipe for the optimal anytime java shop is pretty darn close to perfection.

Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or a wine-o at heart, Frothy accommodates every palate. Patrons can quite literally arrive at breakfast and stay through dinner. The menu boasts a range of items from classic breakfast and brunch items to an evolving evening menu highlighting seasonal dishes such as “Trout Á La Heather” and “Cider Glazed Bear Creek Pork”. Of course, gluten-free and vegetarian options are available as well, so don’t shy away if you have dietary restrictions. Each location provides a menu for patrons of all types, and a comfortable environment that welcomes students, professionals, bookworms, and those that just enjoy a carefully crafted latte. Although locations range in shape and size, the cozy communal feeling stands out the common thread that ties the Frothy experience together from Franklin to downtown Nashville.

Caffeinated beverages may be Frothy Monkey’s calling, but this local hot spot(s) has gone above and beyond the expectations of your average coffeehouse. Instead of assuming it’s all about coffee, stop by for a quick bite to eat with a colleague, to get lost in a book, or share a glass of wine or craft beer with friend. Held in high esteem by Nashvillians and visitors alike, Frothy is a Nashville dining scene institution that you simply cannot overlook for your next beverage (coffee or otherwise) craving.


Check out their website on the Drink Like a Native page!


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