Nearly Native Eats: Tavern

As Nashville continues its exponential growth, the list of trendy new restaurant openings is only getting longer. Nashvillians are constantly faced with the decision to try the newest in local dining or default to what they already know is good. After all, we are creatures of habit, so it’s hard for most of us to take a chance on the new spot with the 2-hour wait and the dry ice cocktail and pâté when we already are so comfortable with our roster of dependable eats. Everyone has a roster: the places that instantly come to mind for specific outings because of our associated experiences. The place that has an intimate vibe for a date, or the one that’s great for game watches, or the perfect group outing destination. It’s takes time (and several experiences) for restaurants to make the roster and it’s an accomplishment that many never achieve. One such restaurant that has made the roster of many Nashvillians is one of MStreet’s foundational pillars: Tavern.

Since 2011, Tavern has been serving up the perfect blend of upscale Mstreet dining and chic sports bar atmosphere to the patrons of Nashville’s Midtown neighborhood. It’s rare to find a place that suitable for just about every occasion. Tavern can be the default for literally everything: dates, groups, ladies nights, birthdays, bachelor parties, the “big game”, and even brunch (which has consistently been voted as one of the best in town). Although, their busy nights do make for some louder than average background noise for intimate conversations, the atmosphere at Tavern can’t be beat. Always energetic, with a live DJ and flat screen TVs painting almost every wall with the latest in sports, Tavern attracts patrons in masses almost every night of the week. The one night where you may walk in and forget that it’s a weekday is Wednesdays when Tavern runs its 2-for-1 drink special until 10pm, attracting everyone from the suited business man to the college co-ed.

Not only does its atmosphere work for everyone occasion, but its menu is one that satisfies any palate. Although they consider themselves an “American-style” restaurant, Tavern showcases a truly international menu, serving eggrolls, tacos, wings, burgers, falafel, chimichangas. You name the genre, they probably have it. If you’ve not truly experienced the Tavern menu, the Buffalo Cauliflower and Bucket of Mussels come highly recommended. And a little secret that you won’t find on the menu? Tableside S’mores. Impress your next date with that one! Perhaps this isn’t the spot to go for sushi or for a very specific ethnic food experience, but Tavern does hold its own offering more than glorified bar food.

If you’ve not been to Tavern before then you must be new. The restaurant is actually that well known by Nashville diners. So the next time you decide to go for the fool-proof and always- appropriate roster choice of Tavern over the fancy new hotspot, feel comfortable knowing that Tavern’s formula of upbeat sports bar meets modern American restaurant has withstood the test of time. Save the dry ice cocktails and pâté for some other time and go for the Tavern Collins and the “Bazooka” Guacamole. You (and your date/friends/group/business partner) won’t be sorry!

 Processed with Moldiv

Buffalo Cauliflower (Top), Tuscan Kale Salad with Salmon (Left), Grilled Chicken Skewers

Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!

NOTE: They don’t accept reservations!



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