Nearly Native Drinks: Acme Feed & Seed

There’s an addiction that plagues Nashvillians. It comes and goes. Sometimes for several weekends in a row, other times it comes on suddenly after months of absence. That itch for an all out honky-tonkin’, fireball shot takin’, day drinkin’ bender amongst the sea of tourists on our beloved Broadway strip. Love it or hate it, we’ve all been there, so don’t pretend like you haven’t. Sometimes all you want to do rage with the flocks of Nashville novices and pretend like it’s all new again. But what if there was place with the convenient and lively Broadway locale that could be kept secret from the bachelorette/bachelor parties, convention goers, and country bumpkins? Wouldn’t you feel less lame about your desire to go downtown if you could somehow avoid the obnoxious out-of-towners? Acme Feed & Seed is the answer to all of your Broadway-loving prayers!

With its prime 1st Avenue and Broadway location, the newly refurbished bar and restaurant opened it’s doors mere months ago and it’s already become a regular spot for Nashvillians looking for a taste of Broadway sans-tourists. The new hotspot has brought life to the historically dark corner of Broadway (vacant since 1999), taking on the persona of the previous tenant that was, in fact, once a retail store for livestock feed and seed. However, this time around, the only place patrons might see anything related to livestock is in the décor or in the Acme farm store. This place is now for partiers, not for farmers. Live music fills the air on the first floor with a stage as the focal point, but patrons can go up… and up and up! With four floors of fun, each has it’s own style and purpose: the second floor acts as a sporty lounge, the third floor for private events, and the rooftop fourth floor displays some of the best views of Broadway and the Cumberland.


Patrons can enjoy floors of live and recorded music, consume tasty beverages, and catch the latest game, but unlike some of it’s Broadway neighbors, Acme also serves some pretty solid food. Showcasing an American-style menu, choices range from hot chicken to beer belly tacos to falafel. That’s not all though, locally celebrated sushi chef, Sam, is serving up some excellent sushi selections on the second floor. Come in for a burger and enjoy the music, bring a date in for sushi, go out on the town with your friends, watch your favorite sports team. Whatever your poison, Acme has it. Not kidding y’all, they even have yoga. For real.

Since it’s opening it’s generally stayed under the radar of the touristy Broadway masses, allowing Nashvillians to actually enjoy themselves downtown without a Bachelorette demanding a Fireball shot or a group of convention goers taking over the bar. But Acme’s appealing atmosphere won’t stay secret for much longer as it’s popularity (and the line to enter) is only growing week by week. The locals can only hope for continued enjoyment at Broadway’s best kept secret without too many tourists turning into the crazed nearby honky tonks. But don’t let it’s locale deter you from pay a visit to Acme, it’s well worth braving the downtown crowds!


Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native or Drink Like a Native pages!


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