Nearly Natives Know (Fast Facts): The Sweat House

We pretty much always associate sweating with physical activity. Whether it be running, biking, boxing, yoga, weightlifting, or interval training – sweating is the badge of honor for our displays of physicality. So what if you could “sweat it out” by simply laying in your own private infrared sauna? Detoxifying your body and helping your muscles recover without having to endure your (rather public) gym sauna. The Sweat House in Green Hills provides an intimate and relaxing infrared sauna experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Here are some Nearly Native Need to Know facts for when you go:

  1. Bring “Sweat Clothes”: You’re going to sweat through whatever you wear inside the infrared sauna (pictured below) so bring “sweat clothes” which could be anything from a bathing suit to shorts/tank or spandex pants to wear during your session. You WILL be one big ball of sweat (sexy, right?), so bring an extra towel (in addition to the one they provide) too if you feel like you might need it. Also, if you’re scared about feeling claustrophobic, don’t worry! Your head stays outside of the sauna and you can even pull your arms out if you get too hot.
  2. Hydrate: The amount of sweat that leaves your body needs to be replenished! A major part of your recovery from the infrared sauna experience is drinking lots and lots of water, as with any other workout.
  3. Give Yourself Some Sugar: Meaning that, even though you think you’re just laying still, your heart rate will become elevated as your body reacts to the sauna and it’s possible that it will deplete your blood sugar level. Once your session is over, pop a piece of candy (they have Jolly Ranchers if needed!) to help yourself bounce back. And give yourself a few minutes to lay there after the session ends!
  4. BYO Tunes: If you’re not into the lyricless, spa-type vibe, you’re free to listen to your own playlist. Just take it into the room with you!
  5. Make an Appointment: As the only one of its kind in the Nashville area, this place is super busy! So head to their website and find a time that works best for you to schedule. They have a 30 minute Standard Sweat and a 40 minute Super Sweat, so you’ll be in and out in no time.


You’ve got to like to sweat it out to take on The Sweat House and keep in mind that, like any type of workout, it’s not a miracle cure to all of your problems. They even suggest that adding this to your regular body maintenance regimen as a supporting practice is the way to go. The benefits of this service are unlike any of your standard running/biking/hiking/boxing activities! It also helps that the staff are very helpful and informed, enhancing the overall experience.

For more information on The Sweat House go to the Explore Like a Native page!



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