Nearly Native Explores: The Nashville Humane Association

Being an animal lover universal, transcending adversity, bringing together strangers and friends alike. Of course, we all have that one friend who tries to hide their disdain as your beloved pup smears their rain-soaked paws all over their jeans. But even those who choose to go about their lives without a pet companion will still admit that our domesticated friends bring a simplistic pleasure and positivity to the daily grind.

Animals don’t have voices of their own. When their hip hurts, they hobble on it, continuing on with life as usual. They may whimper when you leave them or yelp when you accidentally step on them as they curl under your recliner, but animals are truly products of their environment. We all wish our pets could independently roam free, taking themselves on a walk while we work, or feeding themselves when we run errands. However, the reality is that they are our dependents, our furry little babies!

You get the drift, to the animal lover these furballs are precious, they need homes, and some tender lovin’ care to go along with it. They’re the best friend we’ve always wanted: they always listen to your problems, they don’t talk back, and they’re exceptional cuddlers. There are an abundance to choose from, how could you not adopt today?! If you’re ready to take on another living being, the Nashville Humane Association is the perfect place to find your pet soul mate. You have the opportunity to save the animal of your choosing and give them a “Forever home”.


Oreo is an NHA pup!

You’re thinking, “I love animals, but stop the guilt trip! I can’t be on doggy duty 24/7”! Say you’re not ready to take on the responsibility. It is a major commitment after all. But Sarah McLachlan’s ASPCA commercials still tug at your heart-strings, bringing a glimmering tear to your eye when you see a disheveled cat or undernourished dog. Well, there’s another way that you can spend time with “man’s best friend” while also helping a great cause. The Nashville Humane Association allows you to get involved in a number of ways beyond adoption:

1. Make a donation

2. Sponsor an event or program

3. Donate Items from the NHA Wish List

4. Foster Care

5. Volunteer!

nha  nhakc

NHA Event & News Anchor Kacy Hagerty on the catwalk

This past weekend the NHA held it’s the 5th annual Unleashed: Dinner with your Dog event at The Hutton Hotel to raise awareness and funding to support the animals and shelter that houses them. The event had tons of treats for dogs and owners alike, including a silent auction and a couture doggy fashion show featuring clothing from local designers. Not only does the event bring patrons from across Middle Tennessee together to bond over their furry friends, but it reminds us all that there are more ways than one to help out. So lend your voice to those that can merely bark and help the NHA today!


Singer Justin Adams and his pup prepping for their runway debut

For more information, go to the “Explore Like a Native” page!


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