Nearly Native Drinks: Crema

Coffee is a craft; a science; a following. The latte, the espresso, the cappuccino, the pour over, or the drip. Caffeinated or decaffeinated, hot or cold – coffee is consumed at all hours of the day and night, appropriate for any occasion.  For many Nashvillians it’s basically a love language. The “coffee shop meet up” draws everyone from the musician to the business man/woman to a number of popular spots around town. Despite the number of coffee providers that have popped up in recent years, few are hurting for business, each with their own details and cultivated atmosphere. One such coffee brand that is known and loved by the locals that frequently appears at venues and events alike is Crema.

With its brick and mortar SoBro (South Broadway) location just beyond the bustling streets of Downtown Nashville, Crema is known by many Nashvillians who have never even visited its physical location. Built from the ground up by its owners’ bare hands (and bank accounts) in 2007, the now well-known coffee brand has expanded leaps and bounds beyond Peabody Street. So how is it that so many locals have fallen in love with this hand-crafted coffee institution without every crossing the threshold? Over the years, Crema has appeared at events and crept into many renowned restaurants around town, including Pinewood Social, Catbird Seat, Husk, The 404 Kitchen and others. It’s reach has even expanded to cities such as Atlanta and Chattanooga. Not only can you sample their brews at several locations, you can buy their swag: mugs, brewing equipment, and art prints!

So they’ve got business savvy, expanding beyond just their shop, but it’s the coffee that truly speaks for itself. Their passion reflected in the every cup, Crema’s owners have logged countless man hours cultivating relationships with farmers expanding far beyond Middle Tennessee. Apart from their carefully created caffeinated (and decaf) selections, Crema spreads the local love by featuring bites from other Nashville businesses.

Although Crema’s coffee is accessible across the city, a visit to the SoBro shop is well worth any Nashvillian’s time. Constantly filled to the brim with business persons, creative types, and students alike, the shop rarely sees a lull in traffic. Patrons can huddle in an armchair or enjoy the sun-drenched front patio, either way the shop provides comfortable spots to linger in for hours. Crema is truly a Nashville success story, continuing to grow and prosper and it’s legion of devotee’s expands to other cities. So the next time you’re craving a caffeine rush, forget the standard national chain and opt for the local option, you won’t be disappointed!


Check out their website on the Drink Like a Native pages!


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