Nearly Native Explores: Nashville Escape Game

If you’ve ever fantasized about being a secret agent, saving the world one death defying mission at a time, at some point in your life, raise your hand. Like a fireman, policeman, astronaut, and dancer, the occupation of “secret agent” ranks as one of the top professions we all set out to be when we were children. Doesn’t your heart skip a beat every time 007 (Pronounced Double-Oh Seven for you newbies) steps out of his snazzy Aston Martin unscathed after an epic car chase? Don’t you grip the arms of your chair just a little tighter when Tom Cruise is scaling an enormous building Mission Impossible style? If the thrill of battling against all odds to accomplish your mission sounds like the perfect Friday night, Nashville now has the key to embracing your inner Bond: Nashville Escape Game.

Located in the eclectic neighborhood of Berry Hill amongst funky eateries and small recording studios, Nashville Escape Game inhabits the remnants of an old apartment complex. Unbeknownst to passers-by who haven’t yet caught on to this exhilarating activity, the unsuspecting apartment complex walls conceal a space that’s been reshaped and reimagined into an oasis of gripping mind games ripe for thrill seekers to explore.

The objective? Participants must use their logic and overall secret agent know-how to escape one of the four uniquely themed rooms in less than 60 minutes. The unique room themes include “Classified”, “Nashville”, “The Heist”, and “Underground Playground”, and accommodate a range of group sizes. Once locked inside, participants can ask for clues if they’re stumped, but after the three “free” clues are provided any additional clues add to your overall time upon your escape. So even if you’re able to free yourself from the room in 59 minutes, that fourth and fifth clue that you asked for will push you past the 60 minutes threshold.


Sounds simple, right? Solve clues and riddles, accomplish your mission, unlock the door, and happily ever after (AKA be awarded with an Escape bumper sticker and Escape t-shirt). But why would so many people go back for more, craving the intensity of Escape Game, if it were as easy as a movie action sequence? If only it were, in fact, that easy. This is a group activity. Don’t underestimate the power of the Escape Game. You’d be sorely mistaken thinking you’ll go all Sean Connery on the room and be out in minutes without breaking a sweat or getting worked up.

Escape Game is made for groups to think critically together and collaborate on the path to freedom. It’s perfect for coworkers, parties and Nashville visitors alike! But be warned, having a few drinks before your begin your mission may turn your brain to mush, allowing the game to defeat your wits. And the game IS addicting – once you’ve sampled one room you’ll be ready to go back for more. Embody the Bond you’ve always wanted to be and make a reservation at Nashville Escape Game today! (Aston Martin not included)

For more information on Nashville Escape Game go to the Explore Like a Native page!


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