Nearly Native Jams: 3rd & Lindsley

Music venues in Nashville are serious business. From the iconic and historic spots like Ryman Auditorium and The Grand Ole Opry where several industry icons got their start over several decades, to the hole in the wall joints that showcase levels of talent that other cities can only dream of having on their largest stages. One venue that has withstood the test of time, attracting consistently impressive acts is 3rd & Lindsley. If you consider yourself a Nashvillian, do yourself a favor and add a concert at this venue to your itinerary ASAP. Whether you’re there to see a nationally known artist, an epic cover band, or your best friend’s holiday show (because c’mon, if you’re a Nashvillian there’s definitely an artist among your social circle), recognize that 3rd & Lindsley is a part of this city’s music culture. Here are 5 things you need to know before you go:

1. Arrive Early – Although the venue fits a respectable 500 people at capacity, the prime parking and seating can fill up quickly, especially for well-known and well-advertised acts. There’s a chance that, if you arrive late amidst an opening act, you’ll be stuck at a table in the back or squeezing between the standing crowd and the guard rail. Some shows don’t even allow for balcony seating, so the earlier the better.

2. Prep for Parking – Yes it’s true, there are still places in this city that have free parking and one of them is 3rd & Lindsley. However it’s limited and most of it consists of getting creative with street parking in the general vicinity. So just be aware of the signage, those Nashville tow truckers are sneaky.

3. Bar or Balcony is Best – If the show you’re attending is expected to sell out, you may want to shoot for bar or balcony seating. Depending on the talent, if you even attempt to sit near the stage you’ll be trampled by the standing crowd.

4. Respect the Rep – 3rd & Lindsley is among one of the best venues in town, especially for a more intimate show setting. It’s likely been around longer than you’ve lived in Nashville or even longer than you’ve been alive. It may not be the Grand Ole Opry, but the venue might just give you the chance to see the up-and-coming acts you’ve had on your bucket list “before they get big”.

5. They have food! Yes, the venue is located in the no man’s land somewhere between the developing SoBro (South of Broadway) neighborhood and the highway, leaving few options for food nearby. Luckily they have a variety of bar food style bits to snack on as you wait for your favorite band to take the stage.


 Check out their website on the Jam Like A Native page!


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