Nearly Native Drinks: Barista Parlor & Barista Parlor Golden Sound

Coffee has something of a cult following in Nashville. The caffeinated (or decaffeinated for those of you with unfathomable energy) beverage is part of our daily routines; something we make time for. Coffee business meetings, coffee dates, craft coffee, coffee-flavored cocktails – the options are endless! Nashville’s passion for this admired “anytime” drink is evident in the fierce competitive coffeehouse landscape across the metropolitan area. The local coffee scene is so significant that several shops have been nationally recognized as trendy and innovative. Among those with not only a local, but a national following that’s making coffee about the destination rather than the drink stands Barista Parlor and Barista Parlor Golden Sound.


With locations in East Nashville and The Gulch, and a third coming to Germantown, Barista Parlor has established itself as a benchmark for what’s the coolest in modern-day coffeehouse standards. Both locations have their own unique flare, drawing all walks of Nashvillian life, not only to grab a fresh pour over, but to stay for a while and take in the scene. Barista Parlor is the couture of coffeehouse: filtering in fresh, new coffee on a daily basis and featuring seasonal “coffee cocktails”. Of course there are your standard latte, mocha, and hot chocolate libations, but the seasonal concoctions that Barista Parlor cooks up are beyond any coffee snob’s expectations. They won’t hit you with a lackluster spin on a frappucino; we’re talking drinks like the “Lady Victory” – chilled espresso with sweetened jasmine, lavender, grapefruit, and garnished with an edible flower. This detailed drink may sound like it should be served with a white tablecloth, but Barista’s signature communal style rustic wooden tables serve as the perfect setting to enjoy this seasonal masterpiece.

Beyond the impressive array of coffee, both locations feature pastries and other food stuffs that play on classic childhood treats like donuts and Poptarts. No, they don’t just remove the foil and pop them in the toaster, these items are created from scratch and well worth the indulgence. And with fresh lunch sandwiches on the menu, patrons have no reason to leave, spending hours doing work, reading or conducting meetings.


Barista Parlor has the goods when it comes to their menu. If you’ve lived in Nashville for more than a hot second, read any sort of lifestyle publication, or just generally enjoy coffee, you’re probably aware of the its tall, solid stature amongst the coffeehouse industry. But patrons don’t just return incessantly to pick up a to-go order, or quickly scarf their food, then leave – they come for the experience. Both Barista locations are places to “see and be seen” in Nashville. With super hip art pieces splashed on the walls, an appropriate mix of eclectic new music with some old classics thrown in, and a constant flow of fashionable clientele, Barista Parlor is a pillar in the up-and-coming Nashville scene.

If you’re an avid coffeehouse goer, you like a good pastry, or you’re searching for a place to do some caffeinated work (aka people watch) that is the epitome of Nashville chic, then Barista Parlor is the place you’ve been waiting for. Whether you want to sample macaroons at the Gulch’s Golden Sound or snap Instagram shots with your Bourbon Vanilla Latte against the garage doors of Barista Parlor East Nashville, this coffee conglomerate should comfortably rest at the very top of your list of Nashville regular must-dos.


 Check out their website on the Drink Like a Native page!



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