Nearly Native Explores: Hot Yoga Plus

Yoga is not a new form of exercise. It was practiced around the world long before crazes such as CrossFit and Zumba were ever embraced by the masses. Embedded deeply in many cultures, yoga has been known to aid in the overall health of the mind in addition to physical benefits and has endured through centuries of ever-change fitness fads. So it’s no surprise that there are countless numbers of yogis infiltrating our cities and towns today, bending and balancing everywhere from studios to parks to football stadiums. Nashville has no shortage of yogis or studios to choose from and Hot Yoga Plus is among those paving the way for yogis to get their sweat on. Here are some things to know before you go!


1. Come Equipped: If you’ve got the goods (towel, mat, water) bring it with you. Of course in case you forget your own or you’re trying a class for the first time, Hot Yoga Plus has rentals available for everything you’ll need and water for purchase! Not sure what yoga accessories look like? Click this link for some examples. FYI: They have bathrooms that double as changing rooms and showers in case you need to get ready at the studio. Additionally, there are convenient little cubby holes to safely place your things during class.

2. Get Ready to Sweat: Hot yoga is not to be taken lightly. Even you crossfitters and runners should be prepared to sweat in rooms that can reach temperatures upwards of 100 degrees. If you feel faint at all, don’t feel ashamed to take a break, teachers promote knowing your limit and your body. BUT if  you’d rather fold yourself into a downward dog without the added intensity of the heat, Hot Yoga Plus offers classes in non-heated rooms as well.

3. Multiple Locations: Hot Yoga Plus has several locations in the Nashville area (West End, Germantown, and Cool Springs), so there’s no need to try to travel miles out of your way to make a class.

4. Find the Class for You: Check out Hot Yoga Plus’s website for a variety of different classes, from those with vigorous movement and poses to restorative yoga. Not well versed in the yogi-vocabulary? Here’s a tip: Classes with words like “power” and “vinyasa” mean more intense activity, versus a “Hot 26” class that emphasizes holding postures for an extended period.

5. The Total Package: Want to try something more than just an average 60-minute class? Hot Yoga Plus offers extended classes (for example, 75 minute classes), specialized workshops, retreats, and paddleboard yoga! They even have a yoga sculpt class that combines the best of yoga, cardio, and weight training. There’s much more to try here than just methodically moving through yoga poses. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!


For more information on Hot Yoga Plus go to the Explore Like a Native page!

(Photo by Hot Yoga Plus)


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