Nearly Native Drinks: Rebar

Nashvillians love a good, stiff drink. Whether it’s a friend-filled happy hour, a casual business meeting, birthday celebration, weekend brunch, or a Monday night, there always seems to be a most appropriate excuse to suck down a cocktail in the Music City. As if we didn’t have enough excuses, Tennessee’s mild winter and super sunny (usually scorching) summer allow for ample time to enjoy outdoor alcohol consumption that simply cannot be underutilized. Sit inside on a comfortably warm Sunday afternoon while your friends are basking in their buzz on a sundrenched patio Absolutely not! One bar that’s rowdy patio that lures locals in with it’s ample space and keeps them coming back for more is Rebar.


Conveniently located on the bustling main artery of Division Street, Rebar lends considerable life to the Midtown bar scene that’s just a quick cab ride south of downtown. Nashvillians ranging from college-age to middle age flock to this bar during all hours of the day and night to sip on Bushwackers (magical milkshakes), buy buckets of cheap beer on special and post up on the immense patio. With happy hour specials literally every day of the week Rebar purposely gives you no room for reasons not to stop by for a casual drink with friends. However, this bar isn’t your stereotypical Nashville honky tonk or tourist trap. While Rebar does feature the occasional acoustic artist (mainly on Thursday evenings), they usually let the crowd control the music via jukebox which makes for a very interesting range of tunes for the soundtrack to the people watching of epic proportions that occurs. Once patrons drink and socialize to their heart’s content, greasy bar food from of the no-frills food menu hits the perfect spot for treating the inevitable hangover to come.

Beyond the open-air music and the booze action, the patio isn’t the only feature that draws a crowd. Inside patrons will find classic bar games like shuffleboard, ski ball, and darts. Not into the scenery? Catch the latest game on one of the many TVs littered through the indoor/outdoor space. Rebar’s charm lies in it’s weathered (with a bit of a recent facelift!) and sporty features mixed with lively crowds, cheap drinks and fraternizing with the locals. Particularly in Tennessee’s extra-long warm weather months, this Midtown staple radiates an energetic nostalgia that keeps locals loyally returning. If you’ve lived in Nashville for any significant amount of time (probably 3 months),  or you’ve been on any dating app at all, you’re bound to starting running into people you recognize at Rebar. Standing as one of the busiest local watering holes around, this bar is a must-visit for those looking to escape the hustle of the downtown bar scene. There’s no need for excuses to check it out – Rebar’s simple formula of patio + boozy people watching equals bar success and for you’d be sorely mistaken to ignore it!

P.S. Don’t bother trying to park in Midtown. Just don’t do it. Especially on the weekend. Uber/Lyft is the way to go.

 rebar2Photo by Erin Smith

Check out their website on the Drink Like a Native page!


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