Nearly Native Explores: Neighborhood Barre

Barre has become a beast of a fitness craze in recent years. Women (and some men!) across the country and abroad are feeling the ballet-influenced cardio burn and Neighborhood Barre has opened it’s doors in Brentwood to the the Nashvillian barre fanatics. Don’t knock it until you try it. Feel the burn at barre – here are the five things you need to know before you go!


  1. Dress for Success: For barre class, wear clothing that’s fit for exercise, like yoga pants and sweat-wicking tops. While some barre studios require you to wear grip socks, Neighborhood Barre is a barefoot studio – socks optional! Don’t forget water!
  2. Just the Essentials: This Brentwood studio comes equipped with cubby holes to house your belongings and one bathroom. So, you won’t be able to shower after class, but there’s at least a place to stash your stuff.
  3. Not your average “dance class”: Contrary to what some assume, this workout that has become all the rage among women is not just some simple ballet class or stretching routine. Through isometric (small, isolated) movements, alignment (tucking those hips!), and holding poses for what feels like a millennium, barre class reaches muscles you didn’t even know you had. Don’t expect to breeze through the class.
  4. Beginners Beware: General classes and Neighborhood are not necessarily for the beginner, especially one that has trouble following quickly transitioning instruction. However, don’t let this keep you away! Neighborhood recommends that you try a few classes first to get a feel for it, then attend one of their “Breaking down The Barre” classes to help you better understand barre basics.
  5. No Strings Attached: Your first class is FREE so there’s really no reason not to give it a try!barren

For more information on Neighborhood Barre go to the Explore Like a Native page!

(Top Photo by Neighborhood Barre)



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