Nearly Native Explores: The Dry House

Ever have that morning where you just can’t motivate yourself to do your hair? Is the top knot calling your name basically every day? You’d rather take a break on the bathroom floor than put one more curl in your hair. You glare at every man you see, knowing he simply ran his fingers through is lovely locks that morning while you sweated through your shirt blow drying your hair. We all wish we woke up with the perfect bed head embodying the “I woke up like this” attitude, but unfortunately for the large majority of us maintenance is necessary to tame our manes. Instead of dreading the daily routine, let The Dry House show you how to rock a your dream do for days. IMG_0885
Located in Green Hills, The Dry House is not your typical hair salon or spa, it specializes in the art of the blowout. For those of you that are not quite natives of Nashville or the south and have not had the pleasure, a blowout is a luxurious hair styling experience that will make you feel like a total knock out. From the shampooed head massage to the glass of champagne you can sip as your hair is masterfully whipped into shape, The Dry House knows how to give you your very own VIP experience, topping your appointment off with a selfie picturing taking session on request. Not sure what hairstyle you’d like? Their “House Menu” will guide you through several style options, helping you select the best do for you.
Instead of struggling through YouTube tutorials, make the blowout the answer to prepping for your next big event. From wedding hair to weekend gala event to an epic girls night out, a blowout can give you that extra bit of confidence you crave without the extra arm workout. But the ladies of The Dry House will tell you that the blowout is more than just a part of event prep. Owner Ali Ryan has more than 15 years of experience perfecting her craft and swears by incorporating blowouts into your regular routine. With loyal client rolodex, Ali and her team see many of their clients once per week (or more), arming them with hair that will last for several days!
Whether you’re primping a party of girls (they take groups!), getting ready for a big event, or simply want a hair style that will truly let you say “I woke up like this”, The Dry House empowers women to embrace their confidence. Not only does The Dry House create hair confidence, they have a make-up artist on staff to finalize your look! The next time you find yourself facing the early morning battle of the curling iron barrel, make a date with The Dry House to discover hair nirvana and see all that your hair could be.
For more information on The Dry House go to the Explore Like a Native page!

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