Nearly Native Explores: Pure Barre Brentwood

When it comes to staying loyal to the good old workout routine it can be difficult to find motivation to get moving. Another day of the same treadmill, the same crunches, and the same swollen men grunting and panting as they bench more than your body weight wouldn’t get anyone psyched for their obligatory gym visit. We’ve all heard that switching up our regular routine can be rewarding, so why not step outside of your regularly scheduled fitness programming for a stop at Pure Barre Brentwood. Forget what you’ve heard and stop your stereotyping. Instead, take a chance on this ballet-based workout that will shred all of your expectations and those hidden muscles (basically all over your body) that you’ve forgotten about. Here are the 5 things to know before you go:IMG_1581

  1. Fear Not – The team at Pure Barre Brentwood is welcoming, friendly, and accomodating. Signing up for your first class requires a simple form to gather information about you and register you in their system. You can register for classes online on an ongoing basis. If it’s your first class they’ll help you figure out the equipment you’ll need and if you’re feeling shy you can head to the back of the classroom to watch others as the class progresses. Just remember that everyone is facing this challenge with you!
  2. Suit Up – Most Barre classes require their signature grip socks (used in many Pilates and Barre classes) and Pure Barre is no different. You’ll need to bring a pair with you or purchase a pair on site from their retail section. Bring water and a small towel if you tend to sweat easily. As far as attire goes you can wear your basic workout pants with tank top or t-shirt and you’ll be just fine.
  3. Feel the Burn – Classes are fast paced and upbeat, utilizing a combination of the ballet barre, exercise mat, balls and resistance bands to execute the isometric (small) movements that Barre classes are known for. It’s OKAY if you don’t know how to perform each move perfectly. The point is to challenge yourself and no one will judge you for taking a step towards a new workout routine! They’ve got regular Barre classes on the floor, classes featuring a platform for an even better workout, and even a class for men to show your bae how you’re sculpting that booty.
  4. Prep Yourself – The Brentwood studio has cubby holes for storage and one bathroom. Be aware that it does not have showers or a water fountain, so give yourself time to get home to shower after you survive Pure Barre (#isurvivedpurebarre). This specific location is a storefront within a shopping center, so there is parking right out front. Check the Pure Barre website for the nearest location to you.
  5. Learn the Lingo – If you’ve ever heard a Barre devotee throw the word “tuck” into regular conversation, wear it on a shirt, or add it to a hashtag you’ll know that it’s important to the fundamentals of the workout. When an instructor says “tuck” it means you must scoop your butt under with your back straight in order to tuck your hips and pelvis in toward your stomach. It’s less complicated than it sounds and is a constant ab workout that will put your sorry crunches to shame.


For more information on Pure Barre go to the Explore Like a Native page!


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