Nearly Native Drinks: JJ’s Wine Bar

There are times to party, occasions to dance, reasons to get rowdy, and then there are moments that call for intimate conversation. Some of the best memories can be had simply by spending time catching up with a good friend. Of course when you add a good glass of wine or a perfectly prepared cocktail into a friendly reunion, things can go from good to great. Fortunately for Nashville, our neighbors to the south have the perfect place to settle in to a cozy seat and sip on some serve yourself wine. Blending perfectly with the picturesque downtown streets of Franklin, TN, JJ’s Wine Bar welcomes patrons into their home with wine by the tap.


You heard correctly, JJ’s offers a selection of 28 wines for you to try you taste buds at, with options to pour yourself a range of serving sizes. How could this possibly work? Before you’re seated in one of several rooms of this home that has National Historic Registry status, you’ll give a credit or debit card of your choice to the hostess in exchange for a JJ’s charge card. From there you can pick your poison. Whether you want to sample a selection of wines or just go in for a full glass of your favorite, this wine bar has exactly what you need. Even if you’re not a fan of the grapes, you can find beer and liquor beyond the featuring wine dispensers.

While this is clearly a wine lovers dream, there’s also a variety of small bites available to keep you thirsty. The menu is made for sharing and includes personal sized artisan pizzas, crostinis, and other appetizers to try. If your goal is a post-meal food coma, you probably won’t find it at JJ’s. They keep the menu light and the wine flowing while patrons ease into one of their plush couches or belly up to the bar.


Some unforgettable nights may call for a late night of dancing or cheering for the championship game. But there are also nights when a comfortable couch and familiar conversation (with a great glass of wine) are just as memorable. JJ’s Wine Bar is a Franklin gem that will keep you coming back to renew your memorable nights and reload your wine glass.

Check out their website on the Drink Like a Native page!


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