Nearly Native Explores: Xtend Barre

Barre has become all the rage in fitness over the past several years. With its popularity have come many different studios with varying styles for devotees to try their pointed toes at. Whether they “tuck” or don’t, each barre style has many elements in common, including the dance foundation and the upbeat classroom environment. So what makes a barre studio stand apart? Class offerings beyond just barre that test your body and always keep you guessing. Xtend Barre Franklin (located in Nashville too) offers a wide variety of ways for you to sweat it out. Read the five things to know before you go and sign up for a class today!

  1.  International Standards: Xtend has studios all over the world! With their rigorous certification and review program, no matter what location you visit, your experience will be of the same high standard as your home studio. So whether you’re down under in Australia or in the US of A, you can depend on the quality of the classes!
  2. Dress for Success: Prep for a class just like you would for most any workout. We recommend wearing comfortable athletic pants/shorts and a sweat-wicking shirt and because this is barre, you will need grip socks. If you don’t have a pair you can purchase some at the studio. Bring water too, they’ll provide the equipment.
  3. Logistics: The Xtend Franklin location does not have showers, so leave your shower flip flops at home. Parking is abundant as the studio is a storefront that’s part of a greater commercial and residential complex off of Franklin Road.
  4. Beyond Barre: If you love barre but want to mix things up, this studio has much more than just your standard classes. You have the option to take a variety of classes including boxing/pilates infusion, TRX, Circuit 7 HIIT,  and Brazilian Cardio dance! Becoming a member here means more than just time at the barre.
  5. Membership Perks: By purchasing a membership, you have access to many perks including unlimited classes, special “VIX Only” events including classes and shopping days, and discounts on seminars and challenges! With the variety of classes, you’ll find it hard to get bored with your membership and you’ll become a part of the wonderful community of people at Xtend!


For more information on Xtend Barre go to the Explore Like a Native page!


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