Nearly Native Drinks: Clyde’s on Church

Sports bars are their own breed. They usually consist of clientele who favor watching athletic endeavors of all types, plus those who are more interested in watching the clientele than what’s actually being televised and cheered for. Basically, sports bars attract men which attract women, so it’s important that there are elements of sports bars that are universally entertaining to keep things interesting. Sure enough, at halftime of the “big game” half of the crowd has their eyes glued to the TV while the other half have given up hope of diverting their attention and are looking for something new to move on to. Luckily for Nashville, there’s a rising star amongst this breed of bars that brings equal parts sports and activities to keep the crowds of all types coming back for more.


Clyde’s on Church in Midtown not only has tons of TVs and comfortable seating, it has games that will keep even the sports-loathing patron interested. Littered with deep booths and large plush couches, Clyde’s  ensures that sports fans will have a comfortable seat to cheer on their favorite sports team. While it’s difficult to snag a table during peak hours (weekend evenings so get there early), the  outdoor patio and lengthy bar allow for bellying up for a drink with friends with ample views of tvs from every angle.

Sports bars are meant for game watching, so why would patrons of Clyde’s want to stick around after their game is finished?  Activities! While other sports bars focus on who has the largest tv, Clyde’s recognizes that people enjoy activities while sipping on their favorite libation. Large ping-pong tables, shuffleboard, and foosball tables are at the disposal of patrons, staying occupied well into the wee hours of the morning.


Needless to say Clyde’s on Church is killing it already when it comes to luring in locals. Sports, activities, bar food, and booze. What more could you ask for? Forget intimate tables for conversation or calm corner pubs. Come to Clyde’s to get rowdy for your next big game watch and to keep your anti-sport counterpart content.

Check out their website on the Drink Like a Native page!


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