Nearly Native’s 5 Things to Know: Industrious

As technology continues to dominate our everyday lives, the way that jobs are defined has changed. Of course, the traditional 9 to 5pm office space is still abundant, but employers are finally starting allow what we in business call “remote work” or working from home. This allows us to work for companies with offices across the global, impacting our teams from the comfort of our own home.

While historically traditional jobs are becoming more flexible, technology has also empowered many to embrace their inner entrepreneur. With so many of us working independently of an office space, the pains of working from home have become more obvious. Whether it’s a “meow” from your cat during a conference call or the simple fact that you may not actually leave your house all day, the need for a workspace that’s all your own is real. Luckily, Nashville has embraced the idea of “coworking”, providing spaces across the city for anyone to rent out and work amongst a diverse group of independent businesses.

Opening it’s doors very recently in one of the Gulch’s many newly minted high rises, Industrious is a coworking space that comes to Nashville with several other locations throughout the country. It’s slick appeal is perfect for a startup or entrepreneur looking to impress clients as well as the remote worker looking for a nice space to retreat to from the usual home office. Here are 5 things to know:

  1. Making it Yours – While at this point in time this shiny new space is at over 90% capacity, they’re expanding this fall! Rates vary depending on the size of the office space and whether or not you have an external window. They have started accepting applications for their new spaces set to open in October. Want to see the floor plan? Click HERE
  2. Memberships – There are 8 levels of memberships from simply utilizing the common work area all the way to have a large office for several people to work in. Depending on your needs, they will work with you to accommodate. There’s also no long-term contract! You can pay month-to-month.
  3. Amenities – This space features printing stations, secure wifi, conference rooms, private rooms for phone calls, a nursing moms room and a room to entertain guests. Depending on your membership, you’ll get a number of conference hours per month with options to get more. Note that you do have to pay for parking that the building though.
  4. Access – As a member of Industrious, you have access to every location they have across the country. So if you’re visiting New York, you can take advantage of the Brooklyn location!
  5. Fun Stuff – While there are many companies working in their individual spaces at Industrious, they make provide ways for everyone to be social. They provide Frothy Monkey coffee and pastries in the common area, Bagel Face Bakery on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and have happy hours on Thursdays! They also have other monthly activities to help you relax after a long day.


For more information on Industrious go to the Explore Like a Native page!


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