Nearly Native’s 5 Things to Know: Wax Pot Studio

Grooming is unique to each person. While some of us must wash our hair every day, others can survive on days of dry shampoo. There are those that have eyebrows that are naturally “on fleek”, others are blessed with beautiful skin, and some just have naturally awesome hair that never takes a day off.  We all have things about ourselves, women and men alike, that we pay special attention to and even splurge for. Each and every one of us has our own routine to keep us looking at feeling our best and Wax Pot Studio in Midtown is supplying Nashvillians with a surplus of personal maintenance services! Here are 5 things to know before you go:


  1. Beyond waxing: Although it says “wax” in the name, this studio is a full service beauty bar. It has everything from eyebrow shaping to laser treatments to seaweed body wraps to massages. You could likely spend a whole day trying out their services and still not get to them all.  They have a number of specialists with focused areas of expertise, so you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands.
  2. Book online: If something on their website sticks out to you as part of your personal routine, you can book automatically online! They have massage and facial packages available as well as the option to make multiple bookings at once. You’ll receive a confirmation email before your appointment just as a reminder too. They also have specials for music industry professionals, students and a reference program!
  3. Street parking: Parking in Midtown can usually be challenging. Between the steady traffic and constant construction, you might find yourself driving around a bit to find a spot that doesn’t require you to pay an arm and a leg. Try to arrive a bit early for your appointment to find street parking on 18th.
  4. Not only a spa, but also a store: If you love the products used on you during your appointment at Wax Pot, they sell products on site and can be very helpful with recommendations!
  5. Don’t be nervous: There’s a chance that there’s a grooming service you’ve always wanted to try. Some friends rave about it while others tell you their horror stories. You’re not sure if you’ll walk out with half an eyebrow or totally in love with your look. Try to relax and take a chance with the professionals at Wax Pot Studio. They’ll make you feel at ease with their expertise and ensure that your experience won’t leave you with regret.


Genevieve is a brow-shaping specialist at Wax Pot!

For more on Wax Pot Studio, visit the Explore Like A Native page.


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