Nearly Native Drinks: L.A. Jackson

Drinks are always better with a view, aren’t they? A fresh breeze with a nice sunset and you surrounded by your friends sprawled out on lounge furniture. It just makes your drink go down smoother, doesn’t it? Considering the mild weather that Nashville experiences almost year round, you’d think that there would be a surplus of rooftop entertainment for locals to choose from. However, only in recent months has this sky-high trend truly caught on in the Music City. One such bar that’s (thankfully) taking advantage of skyline views and the demand for open-air cocktails is L.A. Jackson.


Situated atop the Thompson Hotel in the Gulch, L.A. Jackson is a rooftop bar that welcomes guests with comfortable, seemingly effortless style. As part of the boutique Thompson Hotel chain, Thompson Nashville opened its doors earlier in 2016 as a means for visitors to Nashville to indulge in scenic city views and expansive master suites. The hotel’s style is modern with retro touches that are carried throughout, reaching the rooftop where L.A. Jackson serves hotel guests and the public alike. With the central bar located indoors, leading to outdoor seating through the retractable garage doors, the bar operates year round, allowing patrons to take in the skyline during any season.


Beyond your standard bar service, L.A. Jackson also offers substantial snacks, allowing you to unwind after work and stay for dinner as you watch the sun set over the city. It’s seating isn’t just made for intimate conversation either. The rooftop accommodates large parties and events with living room style seating in several areas of the bar. While this may not be the place for the sports-loving TV viewer in your life, L.A. Jackson is a multiple purpose, highly styled, yet super comfortable bar that can easily impress, but not intimidate newcomers. So the next time you want to cozy up with your cocktail and take in aerial views of Nashville’s ever-expanding skyline, let L.A. Jackson show you how a rooftop is done right.


Check out their website on the Drink Like a Native page!


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