Nearly Native Drinks: Urban Cowboy Public House

We all love the Nashville hustle. How could we not? We moved here (or stayed here) to take part in live music any day of the week, late nights on Broadway, and experience the bursting arts and business scene. But sometimes it’s nice to get away and even better when it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to do so. Nestled among the residential streets of East Nashville is a place where you can briefly slip away from the city life and step into a rustic public house ripe for stargazing and drink slinging.


As an extension of its bed and breakfast roots, Urban Cowboy Public House resides just behind Urban Cowboy B&B, one of the newest boutique hotels to open its doors in Nashville. Created as an outpost to it’s Brooklyn, NY counterpart, Urban Cowboy’s rustic chic, hipster style has hints of Nashville throughout with unique decor from local venders welcoming all walks of human through its doors. While the B&B is for rest and relaxation, the public house lures Nashvillians in with its carousing communal seating around open fire pits and casual conversation across custom-built tables in its garage-doored bar. There’s no reservations or “wait to be seated” signs. There’s no bumping bass to drown out the sound of your own voice. Urban Cowboy Public House puts a drink in your hand, lights you a fire and lets you breathe in a few moments of peace in an otherwise crazy life.


Yes, Urban Cowboy is an indoor/outdoor venue, but before you shiver in fear at the thought of having to brave the elements to check it out, know that the public house itself has heating, making it quite cozy even on blustery nights. The intricate, yet sturdy details of the woodwork and bricked walls show the time and care that the owners took to craft the rural ambiance that the Public House embodies, separating the watering hole from the bustling urban streets around it. Whether you’re in the mood for a craft cocktail or simply a beer to sip on as you share small plates from their stationary food truck, Urban Cowboy has the makings of a satisfyingly simplistic experience that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed, but instead rejuvenated.

Whether you’re meeting a friend or making a connection with a date over cocktails, this intimate little oasis is the perfect place to slip away from the distractions of the day. Leave your stress on the East Nashville streets and let the warm glow of the fire draw you in – Urban Cowboy will always be ready to embrace you with a calm and cool attitude that’ll make last call come before you know it.


Check out their website on the Drink Like a Native page!


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