Nearly Native Explores: East TN Food Tours

Ever have those times you can’t decide where to eat? Making you anxious and overwhelmed, there are just too many new restaurants offering unique cuisines in cool neighborhoods. You look at several menus at once stewing in your indecisiveness, wanting to order one thing from every one of them so you can try them all. When it comes to satisfying all your cravings, a food tour is ideal for getting a taste for all types of food in one meal. As East Tennessee’s resident SEC city, Knoxville has seen exponential growth in recent years, and with it has come a food scene that’s seeing new and exciting things. With so many options it’s hard to taste it all – that’s where East TN Tours can help.

With tours available during the week and on weekends, for brunch or lunch/dinner, East TN Tours blends food indulgences with fun historic Knoxville facts into one experience. This interactive walking tour strolls along on one of Knoxville’s oldest downtown thoroughfares, Gay Street, and highlights a number of restaurants with samples from their diverse menus. The restaurants that are a part of the food tour are encouraged by East TN Tours to serve up whatever they’d like on any particular day, leaving even the tour guide and owner, Lauren Quinn, guessing as to what they might serve.

While you’re busy filling up on all the goodies, Lauren highlights some of Knoxville’s history, giving you fun facts to take home with your leftover food. You may think that you’d clean your plate at every tour stop, but don’t be surprised to discover that you’ll likely go home with goodie bags. Plus, if you’re looking to wash your dishes down with some alcoholic beverages, you have the option to purchase those along the way. With all the food and drink you’ll enjoy, leaving time for a post-tour food coma-induced nap is recommended!

If you need a way to avoid that looming decision of where to eat, why not knock our 5 restaurants at once with East TN Tours Chefs Table Tour or 3 restaurants on their brunch tour? Not only will you leave stuffed with delicious food and facts, but you’ll have enjoyed an entertaining afternoon out in downtown Knoxville.

Vendors pictured above include: Five Knoxville, Frussie’s Deli, and Clancy’s Tavern

Not Pictured: Sugar Mama’s and Maple Hall

Read our 48-Hour Guide to Knoxville HERE!


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